Proud Owners, Happy Dogs

2 Acres of private countryside

Pack Buddies offers the largest purpose-built outdoor doggy daycare in
Southampton for your dog to thrive. Our agility course, sensory garden,
game zone and enriching activities are specially designed to stimulate your
dog’s senses.

A day at Pack Buddies

Supervised socialisation with their buddies

Develops your dog’s play skills and ability to read body language

Positive training in a pack and individually, with a selection of nutritional treats

Increases your dog’s focus on handler and provides mental stimulation

Enrichment in our different interactive areas

Provides physical and mental stimulation. “A tired dog is a happy dog“

Lots of love and cuddles

Creates a bond between handlers and your dog. We are part of the family

Relax in our indoor area

Teaches your dog how to settle

One daycare, different areas

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Pack Buddies allows you to feel proud and happy knowing your dog is being stimulated, supervised and enjoying life with their buddies. We give you the time to prioritise your busy life, while we take care of your beloved dog. Your dog will go home tired and happy and you will have peace of mind knowing that while you are at work, your dog is loving life at Pack Buddies.
“A tired dog is a happy dog!”