Why are we here

Happy Dogs

We offer Southampton’s dogs the paradise they deserve. A private, unique environment, full of natural stimulation and interactive areas where dogs can play, learn, explore and fulfil their full potential.

Proud Owners

Because you are important to us, we want you to feel proud and happy knowing that your dog is being stimulated and safe in Southampton’s first truly natural doggy daycare.

Our Mission

To be recognised as Southampton’s revolutionary doggy daycare, setting the benchmark for other daycares to follow.

How it all started

Pack Buddies founder Sandra Oliveira is a lifelong dog lover. Spending time at her family’s farm made Sandra realise she had a special connection with dogs. Quite often she was told off by her grandparents for sneaking their dogs into the house without their permission.

Sandra started working for the best dog daycare in London and soon became the company’s manager and partner. Working with high energy canines in multi-dog scenarios increased Sandra’s fascination in dog behaviour. Attending IMDT courses (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), puppy classes, first aid canine courses and various dog behaviour workshops makes Sandra the dog professional she is today.

Sandra moved from London to Southampton to explore life on the South Coast and this was when it all started. Not being able to be away from dogs, “my best friends” as she calls them, Sandra decided to embark on a mission to persue her dream; to open a truly unique doggy daycare in Southampton aiming to stimulate dogs with much more than just a garden.

Her vision was to create a natural stimulating environment where dog’s welfare was the priority as well as providing dog owners total peace of mind. Sandra didn’t want to offer just a service, she wanted to be the dog’s extended family.

Created out of love, passion and dedication, Pack Buddies was born.

Certificates and Diplomas

First Aid for Dogs

Emergency first aid for dogs

Dog Training and Behaviour

CPD Certified

IMDT - Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

2 day career as a dog trainer

Kachina Canine Communication

Listen to your dog – to learn, live & love with your dog

All Things Canine

Scent work & Retrieving , Training methods

Join Us

Pack Buddies allows you to feel proud and happy knowing your dog is being stimulated, supervised and enjoying life with their buddies. We give you the time to prioritise your busy life, while we take care of your beloved dog. Your dog will go home tired and happy and you will have peace of mind knowing that while you are at work, your dog is loving life at Pack Buddies.
“A tired dog is a happy dog!”