Keep your dog safe this summer! How?

Keep your dog safe this summer! How? 768 576 Sandra Oliveira

• Provide plenty of water. You can also add ice cubes to the water

• Frozen Kongs are an amazing way to keep your dog cool this summer. Stuff the Kong with delicious treats inside such as peanut butter or cheese. Make sure you choose the right peanut butter for your buddy. Keep your dog entertained and cool at the same time. They will thank you for that

• Cool mats are always a good choice

• Paddling pools are a great way to keep your buddy cool. Gradually introduce the paddling pool to your dog and in a positive way. Use some tasty treats to lure your buddy into the paddling pool. Some dogs may jump straight in it, others not so much

• Cool jackets are a great invention to keep your dog cool. Make sure your dog is comfortable wearing it. Build a positive association with the cool jacket. Your buddy may need some time to get used to it

• Never leave your dog alone inside a car

• Go for walks in the morning or late evening

• If possible, keep your dog indoors and give your dog ways to cool off such as a cool mat, frozen Kong, a fan etc

• Avoid hot pavements

• Do some research on signs of a heatstroke in dogs. You may also want to know how to act in case of an emergency

This hot weather is very dangerous and it can kill! Keep your dog safe this summer.